Welcome to the Official FloCraft Wiki!

FloCraft is a Premium Cross-Play Minecraft Survival Server for builders, miners, engineers, shopkeepers, mayors, hunters, farmers and more. Comet created FloCraft with the hope to create a bustling server, full of life and energy. Flo stems from Flow, the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment.

Flocraft is an amazing survival server with kind players. Created by Sirius Comet, several others helped. Helpers and moderators will always be around when you need them. There's so many things to do, so many places to explore. Several commands and ways to earn diamonds. New players are welcomed in with open arms. All in all you should join Flo as it is the best server to ever...ever... exist!

Why you should join FloCraft

For starter there are many adventures to be had. Collect new interesting items, join clans and meet amazing people. Its a place of joy and fun. That is always updating so it is difficult to get bored. You won't feel unwelcomed as everyone gets the same respect and is treated very well. Joining Flo is something you'll never regret. There's even more activities on FloCraft's discord . So make sure to join Flo.


Below is a list of plugins that can be found on FloCraft!

Custom Equipment

This server has tons of special items and equipment. Below is a list of things you can find!

  • Demonic Armor / Weapons
  • Angelic Armor / Weapons
  • Legendary Armor / Tools
  • Mystic Armor / Tools
  • Quest items


Below is a list of the current staff members that you can find on the server who are always more than welcome to help out and assist!


Below is all the current rules in the server!

  • Set your discord nickname to your Minecraft username
  • Be civil and responsible
  • Use common sense
  • Respect the community and it’s members
  • Guard the personal privacy of yourself and others
  • No spamming or advertising in chat
  • No foul language of any kind
  • No griefing or trolling for any reason
  • No hacks, dupes, lag machines, or exploits No illegal, banned, or duped items
  • Respect all players and their claimed property
  • No claims near a player’s base up to 300 blocks in all directions without permission
  • No spawning mobs or starting raids near another player’s claim
  • No teleport killing and teleport traps
  • No killing Novice players Listen and obey staff requests
  • Do not ask staff for OP, ranks, or item
  • No kill abuse
  • No ban evasion
  • No rule loophole abuse
  • Arguing with staff over rule interpretation or punishments can result in further discipline
  • A trial may be called by an elected official or staff to further determine the nature of events that occurred
  • A trail may be called by a defendant but must have approval from an elected official or staff
  • Punishment is determined by the staff member handling the situation and is up to their judgment.
  • Offenses can result in a warning, mute, kick, jail time, temporary ban, or permanent ban.
  • *FloCraft is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • *FloCraft is not responsible for builds outside of land claims.

Major Clans

  • If you own these clans, please link a page explaining the clan if possible, or if i forgot any major clans, please add them -Premium
  • Namikaze Clan
  • FOX
  • LO
  • <FAU>